Idea Jam 2019 Winners

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The winners of our Idea Jam 2019 are Saba Karimi and Stav Perets with their submission about Paris! Combining their background in architecture and urban planning, they successfully addressed the challenge of micro-mobility of the future. This challenge is particularly acute at busy urban junctions. Since the interaction between cyclists, pedestrians and other micro-mobility users with Autonomous and Connected Vehicles has not yet been extensively researched, this proposal is of interest for researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

Idea Jam 2019 participants were also asked to send us a postcard from the future and in this case it depicts how Rue de Dunkerque in Paris could be in 2050.

If you would like to see their full presentation and ask questions to Saba and Stav, then you are invited to join their webinar at 12:00 CET on 17th December 2019. Contact us for more details.