Join our forthcoming webinars and check out our previous ones to find out abour our activities and latest developments about Autonomous & Connected Transport:

21st May 2024 at 13:00 CEST – Prof. Yoram Shiftan

Progress towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals has been mixed. Automated and Connected Transport can contribute meeting such objectives, but only if a series of conditions are met. This webinar marks the launch of this Emerald Transport & Sustainability series book through an overview provided by contributing book authors: Prof. Graham Parkhurst, Dr Pablo Cabanelas, Dr Nima Dadashzadeh, Serio Agriesti, Wolfram Klar and Dominik Schallauer. Join this webinar by clicking here.

This webinar is moderated by our Action Chair Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos.

Sustainable ACT
20th April 2023 at 16:00 CEST – Dr Federico Costantini

In 2021, the Italian Data Protection Authority fined two digital platforms with a penalty of more than 2€ million for violating data protection legislation. These decisions represent not only historical cases for Italian data protection scholars, but also interesting sources for the analysis of such tech-based business models and for their workforce.This webinar by our WG1 Leader aims at explaning in more detail the background of this case and at highlighting key challenges for the future. Watch this webinar by clicking here.

This webinar is moderated by our Action Chair Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos.

14th December 2022 at 12:30 CET – Dr Kristina Stojmenova Pečečnik

Connected and digital transport aim at supporting accessibility and sustainability. Dr Kristina Stojmenova Pečečnik will present the Ready2Drive approach providing digital driving support for older drivers. Based on her research and Nervtech simulation work, she will explain how digital technology can support the transition to connected and automated driving. Ready2Drive has been a collaboration between the University of Surrey, the University of Ljubljana and Nervtech. Find out more about the Ready2Drive approach through this conference publication and watch this webinar by clicking here.

This webinar is moderated by our Action Chair Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos.

18th June 2022 at 12:30 CEST – Dr.-Ing. Hans-Peter Schoener

Tactical safety is an emerging concept when focusing on AV simulations and safety testing. Dr. Schoener is an independent consultant and CEO of Insight from Outside Consulting. During his 14 years at Daimler AG and a senior manager R&D role, he was responsible for the development of methods to test and validate future chassis and assistance systems, including autonomous driving functions and the operation of the Daimler AG Driving Simulation Center. For more than 10 years he was also a Responsible Safety Engineer overlooking safety practices for hundreds of staff members. Dr. Schoener played a key role in defining the German government-funded research project PEGASUS. Contact us in case of any queries and watch this webinar to find out more about tactical safety for AVs by clicking here.

This webinar is moderated by Prof. Jaka Sodnik.

Tactical Safety
17th March 2022 at 13:30 CET – Dr Alexandros Nikitas, Reader & Future Mobility Lab Director, University of Huddersfield

Automation carries paradigm-shifting potential for urban transport if linked with public transport via e.g. MaaS and has an impact on critical sustainability dimensions for the future of our cities. This ARER article offers a multi-modal review of the diverse environmental and energy-related dimensions of automated and connected transport in urban areas. Watch this webinar to find out more by clicking here.

This webinar is moderated by our Action Chair Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos.

22nd February 2022 at 16:00 CET – Dr David Yang, Executive Director, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Autonomous and Connected Transport continues to advance technologically, so it is important to advance human understanding at the same pace to ensure that safety objectives are met. Dr C.Y. David Yang, the Executive Director of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, will offer insights from activities in the US, including user feedback. Dr Yang is a distinguished scholar with several awards and also sits at Editorial Boards of academic journals and at Advisory Boards of University Transportation Research Centers. Watch this webinar by clicking here.

This webinar is moderated by our Action Chair Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos.

19th January 2022 at 13:30 CET – Sandra Witzel, CMO Skedgo

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) features at the core of connected transport. Yet, the key question is how MaaS can make connected transport more inclusive. Sandra Witzel, the CMO and Board Director of Skedgo, will present contemporary challenges and developments about making new mobility services more accessible and inclusive. Find out more about it here and watch this webinar by clicking here.

This webinar is moderated by our Action Chair Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos.

5th November 2021 at 14:00 CET – Prof. Amalia Polydoropoulou

Prof. Amalia Polydoropoulou of the University of the Aegean will present outputs of the international WISE-ACT survey and a recent Open Access publication at our Special Issue about user preferences regarding Shared AVs. She will also discuss issues about the influence of gender when deciding whether to share a ride on an AV. Watch this webinar to find out more by clicking here.

This webinar is moderated by the Action Chair: Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos.

9th September 2021 at 12:00 CEST – Dr. Paolo Burgio and Dr. Michele Ferrazzano

Regulatory sandboxes are currently being used to test Autonomous and Connected Transport (Costantini et al., 2020). It is likely that they will become a crucial element of the legal frameworks and regulations which will be enforced in the foreseeable future about ACT trials and relevant data management issues. Two MASA experts will briefly introduce the Modena Automotive Smart Area in this webinar to then discuss how are these challenges addressed while engaging local authorities with the industry and citizens.

This webinar will be moderated by our WG1 Leader Dr Federico Costantini. Click on the MASA icon to watch the video.

16th June 2021 at 13:00 CET – Shelly Etzioni

Shelly Etzioni of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology will present early findings of the large international WISE-ACT survey. Using a mixed multinomial logit heteroskedastic error component type model and focusing on six countries with diverse car ownership levels, this presentation focuses on AV acceptance compared to conventional car use. More details can be found in our Special Issue article Etzioni et al. (2020).

To join this webinar please contact our WG4 Leader Dr Ghadir Pourhashem.

23rd March 2021 at 13:00 CET – Prof. Soulla Louca

Prof. Soulla Louca of the University of Nicosia will link the two promising technologies of the 21st century: Autonomous and Connected Transport with Blockchain. Based on her experience by establishing the first MSc programme about Blockchain and hosting the Decentralized international conference, Prof. Louca will offer an insight about data management and the interplay between transport and digital finance.

This webinar was moderated by our WG1 Leader Dr Federico Costantini and you may download here the slides of Prof. Soulla Louca.

4th December 2020 at 14:30 CET – Dr Tomás de J. Mateo Sanguino

Dr. Tomás de J. Mateo Sanguino will provide an overview of cybersecurity certification and auditing of the automotive industry. In his presentation, Tomás will identify possible security breaches and crimes that can be commited in the context of autonomous vehicles.

To join this webinar please contact our WG1 Leader Dr Federico Costantini.

27th November 2020 at 14:30 CET – Dr Zeyn Saigol

Dr Zeyn Saigol will provide an overview of a recently completed Connected Places Catapult UK project aiming at creating an Open Access catalogue of CAV scenarios. Given the relevance to WG5 and wider WISE-ACT objectives, this is an exciting opportunity to understand project outputs and explore collaborative opportunities to establish such an Open Access repository at an international level.

To join this webinar please contact our WG5 Leader Dr Claudio Roncoli.

23rd October 2020 at 14:30 CET – Dr Jia Guo

This presentation by Jia Guo, who is a EuroTech Fellow at TUM, will focus on: The Determinants behind Automated Bus Services Adoption Decision and Word of Mouth Intention. It will sumarise the research outputs published in the WISE-ACT Open Access Special Issue article: Influence of individual perceptions on the decision to adopt automated bus services.

To join this webinar please contact our WG5 Leader Dr Claudio Roncoli.

15th October 2020 at 10:30 CET – Dr Pablo Cabanelas

Our WG3 Co-Leader, Dr Pablo Cabanelas based at the University of Vigo, will present his outputs based on collaborative research with our WG3 Leader Prof. Graham Parkhurst and our Chair Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos. Following a successful STSM in the UK, this presentation will focus on the application of the Dynamic Capabilities approach to evaluate emerging business models within the innovative mobility sector. The presentation summary will be available here, which is based on the forthcoming publication: Cabanelas, P., Parkhurst, G., Thomopoulos, N., Lampon, J. (2021) A Dynamic Capability evaluation of emerging business models for new mobility (forthcoming).

To join this webinar please contact our WG3 Co-Leader Dr Pablo Cabanelas.

15th October 2020 at 13:30 CET – Dr Pablo Fernández Carballo-Calero

In this webinar Dr Pablo Carballo-Calero of the University of Vigo will review the legal challenges of car pooling regulation, with a particular focus on BlaBlaCar in Spain where there are 5 million users out of its 80 million users globally. This presentation is based on his latest book “Legal regulation of carpooling: Special reference to BlaBlaCar”, Aranzadi, Spain, 2019. Click on the BlaBlaCar image to watch this webinar.

To join this webinar please contact our WG1 Leader Dr Federico Costantini.

14th July 2020 at 10:00 CET – Dr Cecilia Severoni

In this webinar Dr Cecilia Severoni of the University of Udine will present an international update about the: “Legal framework perspectives about Unmanned Autonomous Vessels“, building up on her expertise and involvement in the International Working Group of the International Maritime Committee on Unmanned ships.

To join this webinar please contact our WG1 Co-Leader Dr Federico Costantini.

26th June 2020 – Santhanakrishnan Narayanan

Santhanakrishnan Narayanan, an ECI at TUM, provides a comprehensive review about Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAVs),which is included in the Policy Implications of Autonomous Vehicles book of the Advances in Transport Policy and Planning series edited by Prof. Bert van Wee. An interesting finding presented at this webinar is that SAV uptake will be less than 50% in the next 10-15 years. You may find more information in: Narayanan, S., Chaniotakis, M., Antoniou, C. (2020) Shared autonomous vehcile services: A comprehensive review. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, 111, pp.255-293.

30th March 2020 – Dr Bat-hen Nahmias-Biran

Dr Bat-hen Nahmias-Biran of Ariel University gave a presentation on 30th March 2020 about: “Evaluating the impacts of shared automated mobility on-demand”. This has been a well attended webinar, which outlined Bat-hen’s collaborative research and which triggered interesting Q&As subsequently paving the way for future collaborative research activities.

31st January 2020 – Dr Pawel Gora

Following a successful STSM hosted by Prof. Costas Antoniou at TUM, Dr Pawel Gora (MC Poland) presented his STSM outputs focusing on: “How to organize research about Autonomous and Connected Transport”. This is a valuable output for academics and practitioners given the increasing volume of literature in the field.

23rd December 2019 – Prof. Jaka Sodnik

Prof. Jaka Sodnik (MC Slovenia) of the University of Ljubljana presented about their micro-simulation research and exciting project focusing on human factors in autonomous driving. This is an excellent example of innovative research taking place in ITC which leads to effective collaboration between academia and SME.

17th December 2019 – Saba Karimi and Stav Perets

Join our Idea Jam 2019 Winners’ presentation starting at 12:00 (CET) on 17th December. Contact us to receive the access details if you would like to join this webinar. Saba Karimi and Stav Perets will explain how they decided to focus on this topic and will explain their proposal in detail, highlighting their next plans. This is a unique opportunity to see first hand an innovative proposal and discuss with Idea Jam participants their experience engaging with WISE-ACT.

8th November 2019 – Prof. Nick Reed, Dr Eda Beyazit, Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos

Join our Idea Jam 2019 launch starting at 11:00(UK) / 12:00(CET) and attend this webinar by Prof. Nick Reed! Following the Idea Jam 2019 outline by the Action Chair, Prof. Nick Reed will offer an overview of contemporary challenges surrounding Autonomous and Connected Transport. Prof. Nick Reed has previously held top level roles at TRL and Bosch, leading projects with a total value of £50 million which led to the formation of the Smart Mobility Lab in London. Currently he is a visiting Professor at the University of Surrey. Reed Mobility is an independent expert consultancy focusing on future mobility challenges. The Idea Jam launch event is hosted by the Driverless Futures? project team at UCL.

Dr Eda Beyazit will conclude this webinar by explaining the details of our Idea Jam 2019 challenge.

11th October 2019 – Dr Fabro Steibel & Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos

Join our first webinar to find out about the intersection of Autonomous and Connected Transport with media communications and urban design. If you are interested in such multi-disciplinary topics, then this is an exciting opportunity to be informed about a new initiative of the Global Perspectives journal of the University of California Press. This is a unique opportunity to clarify any queries and discuss your proposal with the theme Editor.