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Here you can find information about past, ongoing and forthcoming reports, publications and other outputs of WISE-ACT. Action participants are engaged in a wide array of activities through their different capacities as academics or practitioners which is also reflected in respective outputs. While outputs reflect the views and positions of individual authors, they contribute in shaping the WISE-ACT perspective and inform contemporary debates and policy making. All WISE-ACT reports and publications are covered by a Creative Commons license and the Action’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) agreement which has been accepted by all Action MC members, substitutes, observers, experts and other participants.

Any queries related to WISE-ACT reports or publications should be directed to Dr Dimitris Milakis, our Publications Co-ordinator, or Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos, our Action Chair through our Contacts webpage.

Book: First Call for Abstracts 2018

Given the wide interest across our Action about the AV related policy implications, we invite abstract submission to be considered for the forthcoming Policy implications of Autonomous Vehicles edited book volume. This book volume will follow the standard review process and will be part of the Elsevier book series Advances in Transport Policy and Planning edited by Prof. Bert van Wee.

The first  Call for Abstracts has been released:

  • Abstracts: up to 400 words
  • Submission to: book [AT]
  • Submission deadline: 15th January 2019

COST supports contributions co-authored by participants from at least three COST countries and offers specific opportunities for ECIs and those from ITCs.

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